Since we opened our doors back in 2000 we’ve worked hard to build a company that was all about one thing: teamwork. From large scale showcase homes to smaller lake- our mountain-side camps the passion we put into every project is the same because that is how we are able to make clients—like you, for example—happy with the work we do. 


We’re all about creating spaces that will be places where happy Maine memories are made year after year, after year. We have 12 talented carpenters and craftspeople on our team managed by a team that makes sure efficiency and client satisfaction is part of every project. And not only do we build homes, we also can create custom furniture that fits the space and suits the way you want to live. If you have something in mind, we pretty certain we can make it a lifestyle reality. We currently have several foremen which helps us to run.


In addition we have a full-time electrician on our team, which makes it easy for us to quickly respond to your electrical needs.