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Back Hall

This coveted 1890's camp on historic hotel grounds needed a complete renovation with addition for a growing family and a place to connect with nearby friends

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Preserving Legacy

Doubling the square footage of a historic property and replacing the entirety of a cabin's exterior logs brings tremendous challenges with merging new materials with those seasoned by a century of time. An essential element of the recipe was the antique first-floor ceiling with it's beautifully dark supporting logs and planks. We knew this was an aesthetic that would be impossible to replicate with new materials. Therefore, the roof, second floor, and first-floor ceiling were carefully removed and preserved during the remodel and then added back to protect the historic integrity of the property.

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Reaching New Heights

The new floorplan called for a spiral staircase, and we knew that placing a large amount of ironwork in such a prominent place would take away from the historic and natural theme. Instead, we designed and built a unique spiral staircase with ash treads, supported in the center by a hand-cut locally sourced tree, perfectly connecting the downstairs living space with the children's room.

The bathrooms feature a soapstone countertop, ash vanity, and historically accurate lighting reflective of the style and time period of the original cabin.

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Screen Time

Finally, to extend the seasonal enjoyment of the camp, we added a cozy screened-in porch with rough sawn lumber and hip roof, featuring a custom table and buffet. Perfect for keeping the bugs out and the memories in.

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