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Breakwater Lodge

This 1950s hunting and fishing camp was restored and remodeled (see initial sketch) to give the home new life and to make it usable year-round. Our goal throughout the entire project was to maintain the historical integrity of the home while upgrading the home with modern comfort and convenience.

This project was featured in Maine Home + Design.

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Comfortable camp design

We converted the existing camp house to an open floor plan common room and kitchen and connected it with a breezeway to a new addition that features a master suite and several guest rooms. To give the owners more natural light and warmth, we carefully added shingled dormers and windows to the existing property.

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Preserving a rich history

We wanted to maintain the historical integrity of the home with all our design choices. For the addition, we matched the new metal roof to the rusty metal roof of the existing camp by adding Rust-Oleum, giving it an aged and weathered look. We also created unity in the old camp and the new addition by using pine boards throughout on the floors, ceilings, and walls.

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Local Lumber

The original house was built using lumber from the local woods. We preserved the exterior logs by carefully removing them for the remodel and then replacing and reusing them in the home. When new lumber was needed, we brought in more local logs. We also used local lumber to build a custom staircase and to serve as the mantle for the stone fireplace.

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Year-Round Comfort

We winterized the home with foam insulation and by including propane heaters. A fireplace was a priority to the owners, but the home lacked the foundation to support it. To make their fireplace possible, we installed a foundation right where they needed it. To extend the seasonal comfort of the porch, we added a roof and installed EZE-Breeze window panels.

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