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Hilltop Camp

Two sisters, one in New York and the other in Venezuela, were separated by 3000 miles and an 18-hour flight. This charming cabin rebuild gave them a place of refuge and reconnection.

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A cabin renewed

The location held an existing cabin. Due to weather and age, the exterior logs had rotted beyond repair. The decision was made to completely rebuild the cabin with design improvements such as altering the floorplan, extending the livable space, and adding a rustic screened-in porch with heavy beams and a hip roof.

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Built to last

On the exterior, we cut and peeled locally sourced fir and spruce. To extend the life of the cabin, we employed Technoposts to protect against the harsh conditions of Maine winters and used Perma-Chink to better seal the logs, all while still adhering to the stringent historical requirements on the property.

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Transitional style

As you enter the camp, you'll immediately notice the beautiful pine floors and whitewashed pine walls surrounding you with natural charm. Artisan details like the log handrail perfectly blend the rustic environment with comfortable modern amenities.

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Home together

The spacious bathrooms and modern kitchen feature poured-in-place concrete countertops, providing a striking juxtaposition to the organic materials. A concrete backsplash for the woodburning stove, birch bark accents, and industrial fixtures create just enough sophisticated style to make these metropolitan sisters feel at home.

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