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The Farmhouse

This lovely Connecticut farmhouse received a major remodel, including the main living space, bathroom, dining room, kitchen expansion, and patio.

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Inspired from the heart

The heart of this remodel is the gorgeously spacious kitchen. Highlights include luxurious soapstone countertops, custom butcher blocks comprised of oak, walnut, and bloodwood, and custom cabinetry that was specifically designed to match the customer's heirloom furniture.

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Rare Materials

The project includes a variety of custom built-in pieces, ranging from cabinets, desks, nooks, storage, and seating.

Many of the key pieces crafted for this home, including the spacious living room ceiling and the kitchen hood, feature locally salvaged chestnut, increasing the rarity and quality.

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Standing the test of time

The natural stone vanity sink with a artisan crafted stallion sink stopper brings a touch of nature and a sense of longevity while the warm colors in the spacious rain shower were chosen with relaxation in mind.

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Delighting with details

There are many special touches for the homeowner to enjoy, such as birch bark accents or the miniature barn doors which mimic many of the larger versions found throughout the home. This bite-sized door serves as a unique covering to the laundry chute.

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Protecting enjoyment

On the exterior, our client shared how they struggled to use their existing patio space throughout the warm summers. Our solution was to carefully extend the existing architecture into a protective pavilion.

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