Built-in Seating & Storage

Unique, Functional, Yours

At Rangeley Building & Remodeling, we believe that every home should tell a story, your story. Our bespoke built-ins are more than functional solutions; they are crafted narratives of your unique style and needs, making your home truly one-of-a-kind.

Crafted Solutions for Every Need

From a custom pantry that boasts elegant French glass doors and meticulous crown detailing to innovative under-stair storage at Salmon Ledge, our built-ins are designed to seamlessly blend with your home while offering that extra bit of uniqueness and functionality.

Dining with a Difference

Our dining solutions are anything but ordinary. Take, for instance, the built-in dining banquette in a log cabin, where traditional notching techniques are reimagined to create a piece that looks and feels integral to the cabin itself. Or a versatile built-in banquette that doubles as a game table, providing a convivial spot for family gatherings and game nights.

Entryway Essentials

Make the first impression count with our entryway built-ins. From floating benches to custom storage solutions like the one at Breakwater Lodge, complete with a bespoke loft ladder, we ensure your entryway is not just welcoming but also impeccably organized.

Reclaimed & Repurposed

We understand the sentimental value embedded in materials. The Cedar Cottage bench, for instance, is not just a reclaimed butcher block countertop; it’s a piece of history, a familiar touch that connects generations.

Your Ideas, Brought to Life

Our process is collaborative. Clients come to us with ideas, and through a thoughtful design process, these concepts often evolve into something even more special. With a keen ear to your needs and an eye for detail, we walk away from each project knowing we’ve created something unmatched and exclusive.

Quality Execution, Every Time

With master carpenters at the helm, every built-in is executed with precision and a deep commitment to quality. Whether it’s a closet at Camp Ridlon with clever storage cubbies and built-in drawers or a custom-built bed with a reclaimed headboard, excellence is non-negotiable.

Discover the Possibilities

Explore the images and captions provided, each telling a tale of creativity, craftsmanship, and customer satisfaction. With Rangeley Building & Remodeling, your home is not just built; it’s crafted. Let’s craft yours together.